Performance-based marketing.

We’ve been building digital brands for a decade and a half – work with us.

Creating brands and websites with a focus on high-quality affiliate and lead generation.

We’ve been building affiliate websites for 15+ years. Our main focus is to help people make better decisions with their personal finances. But we also run websites in sports, cooking & construction.

Active ownership in niche companies with a focus on different industries.

We are active partners in six different companies that work with digital brands and e-commerce. Read more about our brands to learn more about what we do and which niches we operate in.

What we do

Consilium Online AB has several legs in its business. The long-term objective is to own several high-quality digital brands in various industries and niches. It gives us the opportunity to gain exposure to e-commerce, SEO services, performance-based marketing/affiliate marketing and much more. This in turn means that we have a good positioning towards the digital development we see in society.

We have 15+ years of experience in affiliate marketing, lead generation and entrepreneurship

Anton Gustafsson

Example of partners in the financial sectors

Avanza logotyp

”We are very satisfied with the result of our long-term cooperation. Consilium’s traffic is highly relevant to our services and products as the visitor is looking to improve their personal finances through better savings. ”

Åse Vangstad

Digital marketing manager, Avanza bank

Lysa logotyp

”The collaboration works very well. The content is transparent, high quality and helps people make wise and well-informed decisions for their personal finances. This is also reflected in the traffic we receive via Consilium.”

Noak Garberg

Head of marketing, Lysa AB

We increase your exposure in the search engines, which in turn boosts your sales.

Important team members

Anton Gustafsson

Anton Gustafsson

Anton has started, owned and operated companies for 15+ years. Today he is the sole owner of Consilium Online AB and thereby a partner in 5 other companies.

He has a burning interest in finance & investments – but also sports such as football, Formula 1, padel and cornhole are big interests.

Noah Gustafsson-profilbild 700x935

Noah Gustafsson

Noah Gustafsson joined the team in the fall of 2020 and is currently working as Content manager for a couple of Consilium’s brands. In addition to content, he works with customer contact and helps you boost your ranking in the search engines. 

He is also a partner in our subsidiary Sitesphere AB.

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